Program Fees

Tuition, Fees and Other Expenses

Each semester students will register for six credit hours which will give them part time graduate student status through NMSU.  This will qualify students for deferment of previous student loans and for new student loans through the NMSU Financial Aid Department.

NMSU Tuition

 $243.90 per credit hour of tuition fees plus $47.50 required student fees plus $35 of distance education fees for each of the 36 credits (subject to a small increase the second year). In addition, there is a special fee for the post-doctoral component of $100.00 each for 25 weekend courses ($2,500.00).

RXP Lab Fees

A lab fee of $100.00 for each of the 25 weekend courses will be charged to each enrolled student.  This fee provides for additional expenses such as costs for CEU accreditation, lab supplies, and travel for out of town expert lecturers.

Lab fees can be paid on a monthly or semester basis. (Monthly $100.00) (Semester $500.00)

To pay lab fees by credit or debit card click on the button below.

RXP Lab Fees Pay Here

Other Expenses

Estimated total program costs (plus possible tuition increase in second year):

$11,750.4 tuition to NMSU + $2500 total NMSU fees = $14,250.4 plus books and travel expenses

  • Students are expected to purchase a stethoscope and their own textbooks for the courses (approximately 10 texts over the 25 modules)
  • NMSU can help arrange moderately priced lodging. The cost of meals and lodging is the student’s responsibility. 

Traveling to NMSU-Las Cruces

Our classes are held in Las Cruces, NM which is approximately three and a half hours south of Albuquerque and 45 minutes northwest of El Paso, TX.  Typically, flying into El Paso is the most economical option.

Las Cruces is a high desert environment and typically has sunny weather with a large variation between daytime and nighttime temperatures. See  Las Cruces Visitors Information for more details.