Mission Statement

The twelve psychologists in the first iteration of classes that completed coursework in 2002 developed the following vision statement and mission statement.  Through self-evaluation and self-improvement, the current New Mexico State University program strives to meet these goals.

Vision Statement – Our vision is to have competent mental health care accessible for all New Mexicans, including children, the poor, the elderly, and the silent sufferers – all of whom need and could benefit from our compassion, expertise, commitment and ever present advocacy on their behalf.

Mission Statement – Psychologists are trained in the empirical study and treatment of mental disorders.  As our understanding of psychopathology evolves, so must our treatment.  It is incumbent upon us to provide comprehensive, timely care that is consistent with the nature of mental health disorders.  As scientists trained in the study of behavior, we too can become trained and competent practitioners in the prescription of psychotropic medications.  To truncate our treatment plan to fit the exigencies of our patients’ lives is not the solution. The solution is to simultaneously keep ourselves knowledgeable in the field of psychotherapy, to learn the common skill set necessary for the competent administration of psychotropic medications, and to advocate for our patients’ well-being – including access to the full continuum of mental health treatment.

Our society has extended our prescription authority to optometrists, podiatrists, and other non-medical degreed professionals.  We doctoral level psychologists have shown the ability and determination to learn the curriculum and accept the supervision needed to develop expertise.