NMSU research team emphasizes mindfulness to deal with stress, life challenges

Eve AdamsSeveral years ago, New Mexico State University professor Eve Adams began feeling stressed and in need of something to improve her well-being.

“I was pretty much burnt out and feeling like I needed something to help replenish me,” Adams said. Adams used her sabbatical leave to attend workshops on mindfulness, and a new idea for research on the subject was born.

“I felt like it made a huge difference in my life and it continues to help,” Adams said. “I think it helps me be more creative in decision making, so it’s not just about stress reduction, it’s actually more about being able to really see the big picture even when we get constrained by difficult circumstances.”

Mindfulness is an approach many doctors, mental health professionals and researchers are focusing on to help people reduce stress and anxiety. Adams said mindfulness is the ability to “be present and notice just what’s happening in the present moment, and doing it in as non-judgmental a way as possible.”

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