APA Sponsored Continuing Education (CE) Programs at NMSU

CE for enrolled postdoctoral student, non-degree students, or non-student Professionals:

The NMSU Masters of Science in Clinical Psychopharmacology (MSCP) degree Program is located within the College of Education, Counseling & Education Psychology  (CEP) Department. The Program is an APA Designated degree Program in the training and education of clinical psychopharmacology.

Enrolled students, non-degree students, and non-student professionals are eligible to register for American Psychological Association (APA) sponsored Continuing Education credits. In addition, non-psychologist professionals and graduate students are eligible to receive a certificate of attendance. Each intensive training weekend is worth 13.5 CE; provided by the Southwest Institute for the Advancement of Psychotherapy (SIAP).  SIAP is approved by the American Psychological Association Office of Continuing Education to sponsor continuing education for psychologists.  SIAP maintains responsibility for the program and its content.

It is the MSCP degree Program’s responsibility to verify the identity and qualifications of all non-student psychologists seeking CE credits through NMSU.  Non-student psychologists requesting to register for trainings must first email the Training Director, Dr. Casey McDougall, at clm-rxp@nmsu.edu for permission of attendance.  They must also provide an active driver’s license and active/unrestricted psychologist license.  Non-student prescribing/medical psychologists must also include an active/unrestricted prescribing psychologist license, controlled substance #, and DEA number.

Non-student psychologists and non-psychologists are eligible to register for archived (asynchronous) and upcoming synchronous live, online training.

Click here to review the 2017-2019 training schedule.  The aforementioned link will likely be more of interest to individuals needing archived training in (2019) Diversity and Professional Ethics.

Click here to review the 2019-2021 training schedule.

Instructions how to register for trainings:

  1. Email the Training Director for permission.  Requests to attend live, synchronous training MUST be received within 3 days of an upcoming training event.  Include the full spelling of your name, credentials, and full contact information (including address).
  2. Provide the require identification
  3. Once approved, register here for non-student CE training.  Currently (prices subject to change) a full weekend (13.5 CE), two day intensive training costs $150.00; while a one day training costs $75.00 for 6.75 CE.
  4. Forward your purchase receipt to the Training Director for proof of purchase and further instruction (e.g. access to training materials, login information)

Instructions to receive a CE certificate: 

  1. View the entire webinar.  Attendance will be monitored.
  2. Complete the corresponding post-test questions. Pass the post-test with at least a 70 percent score.
  3. Complete a 1 page response and critical analysis to the required readings.
  4. Complete the corresponding training program and faculty evaluation.
  5. Email the Training Director with the post-test, response to required readings paper, training evaluation, and attestation that you have viewed all of the webinar ensure timely review of your submissions and CE credit.
  6. Once reviewed by the Program you will be connected with SIAP to receive your CE certificate via email.


For more information on CE programs and our Collaborative Provider, SIAP, please visit their website at:  http://siaprxp.com/


*The NMSU MSCP degree Program and CEP Department is currently pursuing Continuing Education Sponsor Approval (CESA) through the APA Office of Continuing Education*


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