2019-2021 Scheduled Curriculum

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NMSU MSCP degree Didactic Coursework Requirements



Course Title




Fall 2019
RXPP 601 Introduction to Psychopharmacology for Psychologists I      3
RXPP 602 Introduction to Psychopharmacology for Psychologists II     3

Spring 2020

RXPP 603 Clinical Psychopharmacology I 3
RXPP 606 Pathophysiology for Psychologists I 3

Summer 2020

RXPP 607 Pathophysiology for Psychologists II 3

Fall 2020

RXPP 608 Pathophysiology for Psychologists III 3
RXPP 604 Clinical Psychopharmacology II          3

Spring 2021

RXPP 605 Clinical Psychopharmacology III         3
RXPP 609 Psychopharmacological Treatment in Special Populations I 3

Summer 2021

RXPP 610 Psychopharmacological Treatment in Special Populations I 3

Fall 2021

RXPP 698 Special & Continuation Topics in Psychopharmacology         3

Didactic Coursework = 33 credits


Practica Course Requirements (6 credits)

RXPP 611 Supervised Experience in Psychopharmacology I

(Begin only after completion of RXPP 608)




RXPP 612 Supervised Experience in Psychopharmacology II

(Begin only after approval of 100 patient-400hr. practica plan

  Total Curriculum Course Credits = 39 credits


Note:  This Postdoctoral graduate program leading to the Master’s Degree must be completed within seven years (or eight successive summers); including completion of outstanding student accounts, didactic coursework, all supervised clinical experience (practica), and the final Capstone Examination.  Any coursework more than seven years old at the time of the final examination will scrutinized by the NMSU Graduate School and NM Board of Psychologist Examiners.