MA Application


Complete the application to the NMSU Graduate School for the Summer term using the online application and pay the application fee.

DEADLINE for applications is February 1st 

Graduate Student Services, MSC 3G
New Mexico State University
P.O. Box 30001
Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001

Apply to the NMSU Graduate School for a Major in Clinical Mental Health Counseling by applying online: Admission Process and Online Application

As part of this application, you will need to upload ALL of the following:

  1. One unofficial transcript from every college or university you have attended. If the MA-CMHC program decides to recommend you for admission, official transcripts must be submitted to the Graduate School. You will not be considered admitted until after the Graduate School has reviewed these materials and made a final decision. For questions about the application process, please contact: Dr. Mike Kalkbrenner, Program Coordinator, Clinical Mental Health Counseling,
  2. An unofficial copy of your GRE report (Verbal, Quantitative, and Analytical Writing scores and percentile rankings) that you received from the Educational Testing Service (ETS) should be uploaded, but the official scores must be sent to us directly (use the GRE code for NMSU, R4531). You must have taken the test within the past 5 years. Scores will be considered within the context of your application, so there is no cutoff score that prevents your application from being reviewed; however, increasing your scores on the three subtests may help you succeed in being recommended for admission.
  3. A current resume which a) highlights 300 level and higher courses you have taken in Research Methods (statistics, assessment, research design), Understanding both normal and dysfunctional Behavior (personality, human development, abnormal), and Counseling (theory, techniques); b) lists all research experience (honors thesis, research assistant, presentations at  conferences, publications); c) provides descriptions of all volunteer, paraprofessional, and professional experiences related to counseling or the helping professions; and d) describes diverse experiences (study abroad, languages spoken, case management of culturally diverse clients, multicultural research projects, social justice advocacy).
  4. A statement of purpose approximately 2-4 pages long, describing a) why you are seeking graduate training in clinical mental health counseling; b) why you are interested in the MA-CMHC program in the Counseling and Educational Psychology department at NMSU in particular; c) your work or volunteer experience in counseling, mental health, or other helping fields; d) research interests if applicable; and e) your experience with diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice advocacy. The quality of your writing will be evaluated for professionalism and grammatical accuracy.
  5. The names and contact information of three (3) instructors or clinical supervisors who will provide us with reference letters about your capabilities for graduate level work in a counseling field (please do not submit letters from family members or friends). Please ask your writers to use letterhead stationery and to sign letters before scanning and uploading them.
  6. A writing sample from recent undergraduate or graduate work that cites and references research in APA style (i.e., literature review or research paper) or demonstrates original research (i.e., thesis or publication).

Admission Process and Online Application