MA-CMHC Courses

Students may complete the program on a full time, three-quarter time, or half-time basis and must declare their choice at the time of admission. Courses are offered in a block schedule, so full-time students typically take their courses as a cohort. The MA-CMHC program maintains a low faculty-student ratio, with no more than 12 students in group supervision for practicum and internship courses. A multicultural and social justice advocacy approach is integrated throughout the following coursework:

Required Courses

  • CEP 512- Human Development
  • CEP 517- Multicultural Counseling
  • CEP 524- Professional Issues in Mental Health Counseling
  • CEP 532- Counseling Research
  • CEP 542- Appraisal Theory and Technique
  • CEP 550- Counseling Theory and Technique
  • CEP 551- Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
  • CEP 552- Career/Life Planning and Vocational Assessment
  • CEP 558- Child and Adolescent Counseling
  • CEP 562- Family Therapy Theory and Technique
  • CEP 566- Group Work Theory and Technique
  • CEP 572- Counseling Practicum*
  • CEP 580- Counseling Internship* (Oral Capstone Exam = final case presentation)

*In practicum and internship courses, students complete the 700 hours of practical experience required to become licensed as Clinical Mental Health Counselors. Counseling Practicum students work in the CEP Training and Research Clinic, and Counseling Interns arrange field placements in the community at agencies, hospitals, and other clinical settings.

Elective Courses

Students have the option of earning a graduate minor by taking a total of three courses in the same area, such as:

Spanish counseling minor (make this the link below)

Integrated behavioral health minor (make this the link below)