Field Experience Description

Additional direct counseling service hours can be obtained by students who elect to gain further applied experience under the course CEP 698: Special Topics & Field Experience in Counseling Psychology. In order for a site to be approved for students it must meet the following criteria:

  • The site must have a licensed mental health professional (PhD, LISW, LPCC, LMFT, psychiatrist) on-site; other non-licensed helping professionals may be approved as onsite supervisors if a faculty member provides weekly supervision.
  • There must be weekly supervision.
  • The site must provide some form of training activities beyond weekly supervision.
  • Faculty of record must have some form of formal communication with the site supervisor & the student at mid-semester.
  • Written evaluations of the site/site supervisor & the student must occur at the end of each semester.

New sites must be approved by the training committee prior to the semester the student will begin the Field Experience, although timelines for this are flexible. Generally, the student’s advisor should be listed as the instructor of record for CEP 698, but other faculty can serve in this capacity. The instructor of record, with the student, must draw up a formal contract with the onsite supervisor to assure that adequate hours & supervised experiences are attained. The student must carry their own liability insurance. Copies of the contract & an evaluation form can be found online (here).

The following sites provide opportunities for direct clinical work & other practical experiences. Contact information & procedures for enrolling/participating in specific sites are handled through the sites themselves. Although site information is presumed to be current, changes occur; it is the student’s responsibility to keep supervisors updated on any changes.

Important: The sites below have allowed C EP doctoral students to engage in field experience toward advancing skills & knowledge, & toward the accrual of client-contact hours. Do not share the information on this page with individuals who are not admitted C EP students. Lapses in privacy may jeopardize continued relationships with participating organizations. Lastly, be aware that the opportunity to gain experience through the listed sites is a selective process, often including applying, interviewing, & in some cases consenting to background checks & other screenings. In that sense, consider these opportunities to be competitive, & approach them with all due professionalism.

Women’s Intercultural Center

303 Lincoln Street
Anthony, NM 88021
Mary Carter, Executive Director
Available experiences: Group & individual counseling; advocacy & outreach


La Casa
P.O. Box 2463
Las Cruces, NM 88004
24-hour Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-376-2272
Laura Arriaga, Volunteer Coordinator
Available experiences: Group & individual counseling, advocacy

Note: It is extremely important to be discreet with information
about & gained from this agency – the physical safety of individuals
served by La Casa (including children) & of agency staff may
depend on it.


Memorial Medical Center, Behavioral Health Unit (5 West)
2450 S. Telshor Boulevard
Las Cruces NM, 88011
575-522-8641 (MMC switchboard only)
Robyn Rehbein, LPCC, RPT, Clinical Supervisor
Available experiences: Group & individual counseling, intake interviewing


La Piñon Sexual Assault Recovery Services of Southern New Mexico
525 South Melendres St.
Las Cruces, NM 88005
24-hour Crisis Hotline: 575-526-3437 or 1-888-595-7273
Donna Richmond, Executive Director
Available experiences: Group & individual counseling; psychoeducation & outreach