Grant Principal Investigators and Faculty

Principal Investigator(s)

Eve Adams


Eve M. Adams, Ph.D

Counseling & Educational Psychology
(575) 646-1142
Grant Duties: Lead Project Director (Training Director)

Dr. Adams is responsible for the overall operation and implementation of the grant project. Dr. Adams will administer the grant, close out the budget for the year, complete annual reports, oversee the curriculum development, handle all personnel matters, and collaborate with the DNP, MSW, PharmD and the FM program grant personnel.


Shelly Noe, DNP, RN, PMHNP-BC

SNoe16 Assistant Professor and a provider at Esperanza.School of Nursing

(575) 527-7735 

Grant Duties: Associate Project Director, Nursing Instructor for the Interprofessional Immersion and on-site supervisor at Esperanza Guidance Center

Dr. Noe is the co-administer of the grant, focusing on the faculty development OUD/SUD training with Dr. McDougall. She is also the grant liaison and on-site supervisor for grant trainees placed at Esperanza Guidance Center. Finally, Dr. Noe is a co-instructor in the Interprofessional Immersion for OUDs.


Grant Personnel

Daubney Boland, Ph.D
College Assistant Professor
Counseling Educational Psychology
Grant Duties: Counseling Psychology Instructor for CEP 563 & CEP 698 and on-site supervisor at Family Medicine Center

Dr. Boland is teaching the CEP 563: Primary Care Psychology course during the Fall Semester and she will be a supervisor for CEP 670: Behavioral Health Practicum in the Spring Semester and CEP 698: Field Experience in the Fall Semester for the CP doctoral students who will provide services at Family Medicine Center. She will coordinate the interprofessional immersion for OUD treatment with the DNP, MSW, PharmD and the FM faculty.


Virginia Longoria, Ph.D
College Assistant Professor and behavioral health provider at Ben Archer Health Centers

Counseling Educational Psychology
Grant Duties: Bilingual Counseling Psychology Instructor for CEP 670 & CEP 698

Dr. Longoria will be the instructor for the Behavioral Health Practicum in the spring Semester. She is developing cultural and linguistic competency components of the grant-related curriculum and providing bilingual supervision for CEP 698 in the Fall Semester. She is also developing OUD/SUD treatment materials for the CEP 520: Mindfulness course.


Ivan De La Rosa, PhD
College Assistant Professor
School of Social Work
Grant Duties: MSW Instructor for the Interprofessional Immersion

Dr. De La Rosa is a co-instructor in the Interprofessional Immersion, a field supervisor to the MSW students and also recruits MSW students for the grant-related curriculum/Integrated Behavioral Healthcare minor.


Traci White, PharmD
Pharmacy Assistant Professor
Grant Duties: Pharmacy Instructor for Inter-professional Immersion

Dr. White will is a co-instructor in the Inter-professional Immersion.


Dr. Andazola of Public Health SciencesJohn Andazola, MD
Medical Director Southern
NM Family Medicine Residency
Grant Duties:Family Medicine Instructor for the Interprofessional Immersion.

Dr. Andazola will is a co-instructor in the Interprofessional Immersion and provides MAT training to the grant trainees.


Robert Mayfield, Ph.D.
Prescribing Psychologist at Ben Archer
Grant Duties: On-site supervisor at Ben Archer and Faculty Development Trainer,

Dr. Mayfield provides on-site supervision for the CP students at Ben Archer Health Clinics and provides OUD trainings to the grant-related faculty and supervisorsCasey

Casey McDougall, Ph.D.
Training Director of the MS Clinical Psychopharmacology Program at NMSU.
Grant Duties: Faculty Development Trainer

Dr. McDougall coordinates the faculty development OUD trainings that are associated with the OUD curriculum in the Clinical Psychopharmacology program. He also assists with enhancing the culturally-responsive elements to these trainings.


Na-Yeun Choi, Ph.D.
College Assistant ProfessorDr. Na-Yeun Choi Counseling Educational Psychology
Grant Duties: OUD Curriculum Development Trainer and Evaluator

Dr. Choi is developing the curriculum within the CEP department to infuse OUD/SUD topics through the curriculum for the three graduate mental health training programs. Additionally, she will enhance the Substance Use Disorder interdisciplinary graduate minor/certificate program.


Patricia Juarez, MS

Training Director of the Latino Health Disparities Research (LAHDR) Center at the University of Texas – El Paso.
Grant Duties: Motivational Interviewing Consultant.

Serving as a Motivational Interviewing Consultant for SUD/OUD treatment and providing MI trainings for OUD treatment in both English & Spanish for both professionals and trainees.