Students of Color Support Group

The students of color group was created to ensure a space for students of color to express our feelings and reactions openly about current situations in the United States, at NMSU, and within our department.

The purpose of the group is to foster honest, supportive, validating, and collaborative discussions about how to survive and thrive in academia as a person of color. Moreover, how to survive and thrive as a person of color outside of our identity as students in the midst of socio-political changes and attacks to our communities and other communities.

For me, this group has provided me the opportunity to talk with other students about specific experiences that I have had as a person of color which helped to validate my thoughts and feelings. Overall, this has been an empowering experience, and I have felt inspired by other students who have participated in the group.” -Previous Student-

Meetings are based on availability, so if you are interested in knowing when the next meeting for Students of Color Group or wanting to be part of the group feel free to e-mail Alejandro Cervantes ( or Sibella Salazar (

The Faculty Contact:
Andres Perez-Rojas, Ph.D.
Na-Yeun Choi, Ph.D.
Carol Fonseca, Ph.D.

Student Contact:
Alejandro Cervantes, M.S.
Sibella Salazar, M.A.
Jessica Lopez, M.A.