Frequently Asked Questions

cards with ? markWhat types of services are offered by the CEP Clinic?
The CEP Clinic offers individual therapy, group therapy, couples therapy, and family therapy.

What types of problems do you usually see at the clinic?
Clients come to the CEP Clinic with a range of problems. Many have concerns related to transitions,  such as identity-related or relationship issues. Others are dealing with more specific psychological matters such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, bereavement, substance abuse, or eating and body image issues. Some clients are not sure what the problem might be but just know they are not functioning or feeling the way they normally do. They might notice having a harder time focusing, eating or sleeping too little or too much, or otherwise just not meeting their day-to-day obligations.

Can the CEP Clinic see individuals that are court ordered to attend therapy, or on the sex offender list, or have been banned from the NMSU campus?
Because we are a training clinic and are on the NMSU campus, the CEP Clinic cannot see clients with these types of needs. Please see the referral page for a list of other providers in the area.

Who are the clinicians at the CEP Clinic?
The CEP Clinic is a training site established through the collaboration between the Counseling & Educational Psychology (CEP) Department, and Family & Consumer Sciences’ Marriage & Family Therapy (MFT) Program at New Mexico State University. Advanced professionals-in-training (PhD, MFT, MA/MS, and Ed.S., students) under the direct supervision of licensed psychologists, provide the majority of the therapy services.

How confidential is my contact with the CEP Clinic?
The CEP Clinic carefully adheres to professional standards of ethics and confidentiality outlined by the American Psychological Association (APA). Visits to The CEP Clinic are strictly confidential. This means that communications between therapist and client are privileged and safe-guarded. Information is not released to anyone (parents, professors, employers, or authorities) without your written permission. For more information about the limits of confidentiality, please refer to our Client Services Agreement.

Please note: There are only a few exceptions mandated by law regarding breaking confidentiality. These involve potential harm to someone else or yourself, child abuse, and elder abuse. In these cases, clinicians will need to take extra steps a to ensure safety and may involve alerting medical doctors, police officers, and other appropriate personnel.

How much does it cost for individual therapy?
The cost of therapy is based on family size and income. Please refer to the fee schedule for a general outline of the costs for different services at the clinic. CEP Clinic never wants the cost of therapy to be a barrier to treatment, and we do offer fee reductions when individuals are facing financial difficulties.

Does the CEP Clinic bill insurance or other third-party payers?
The CEP Clinic bills insurance or other third-party payers in some cases. This usually involves the when your provider is a licensed psychologist but not a professional-in-training.

How do I schedule an appointment and what is the procedure?
Appointments can be made by calling (575) 674-0593. Our receptionist will schedule you for an initial intake interview that will last approximately 30-45 minutes. For the first time initial intake interview, we suggest arriving at least 15 minutes in advance to fill out paperwork. Anyone arriving more than 15 minutes late may be asked to reschedule to assure sufficient time addressing all the pertinent issues.

After filling out paperwork, you will meet with one of the professionals-in training to briefly discuss your needs. Shortly after your initial appointment the student-clinician will consult with a licensed psychologist to determine if the CEP Clinic is the best fit for you. You will then be followed up with over the phone as soon as possible, (usually within one to five business days). If it is determined we can best serve your needs, you will be assigned to a clinician that is a professional-in training.

Please note: The person assigned as your therapist may not always be the person that did the initial interview.
Please note: If it is determined that you would be better served elsewhere, we will provide a list of referrals sources within the Dona Ana area.

Are sessions ever recorded for training purposes?

Because the CEP Clinic is a training clinic, it is customary to video or audio tape sessions in accord with  Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA). HIPAA provides for the protection of individually identifiable health information that is transmitted or maintained in any form or medium. The privacy rules affect the day-to-day business operations of all organizations that provide medical care and maintain personal health information.

At the CEP Clinic recordings of sessions are only utilized by a licensed psychologist to assist student-clinicians in helping you. All recordings are kept in a secure location and quickly erased. Most client’s are not bothered by the recording sessions and instead quickly focus on the reasons why they are seeking assistance.  If recording sessions  concerns you, please speak to your counselor about this.

What about emergencies?
If you are a client, please contact the CEP Clinic during business hours to speak with a clinician. If CEP Clinic is closed, please follow the instructions provided on our answering machine for assistance. In the event of an emergency, please have a responsible person transport you to the Emergency Room or call 911.

What about parking?
There are 3 designated client visitor parking spots near the clinic. When these spots are full utilize the parking spaces surrounding the clinic.