Clinical Reasoning Modules


Job Aides


Errors in Thinking-Job Aid-Clinical Reasoning in Practice

Pitfalls & Remedies

Intervention Planning Guidance

Reflection & Adjustment to Update Formulations & Plans

Writing Episode Notes


PowerPoint Slides

Module 1 Session 1: What is “Practice”?

Module 1 Session 2: Components of Practice

Module 1 Session 3: Teaming and Collaboration

Module 2 Session 1: Building Strong Reasoning and Formulation Habits

Module 3 Session 1: Understanding A Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment

Module 4 Session 1: Logic of Action in Clinical Reasoning



Clinical Reasoning Worksheet

Jamie’s Situation-Clinical Reasoning Workbook

Jamie’s Illustrations of Completed Worksheets For the Jamie Simulation

Booklet with Jamie’s Situation, Directions, and Worksheets to Use for Classroom Practice

Mateo’s Situation: Life History & Present Circumstances

Mateo’s Situation: Life History & Present Circumstances 3-page version from 2016

Mateo’s Situation: Life History & Present Circumstances 6 Page version from May 2017


Clinical Reasoning Curriculum

Clinical Reasoning and Case Formulation Modules


Tip Sheet Booklet

Tip Sheets for practitioners Serving Older Youth & Adults