CEP Faculty

Faculty 2018

Top Left: Dr. Kalkbrenner, Dr. Hitter, Dr. Arroyos, Dr. Perez-Rojas, Dr. McDougall, Dr. Prentice, Dr. Gormley Bottom Left: Dr. Backlund, Dr. Vazquez, Dr. Torres, Dr. Lopez, Dr. Choi, Dr. Adams (Click to Enlarge)


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Name Rank Phone Email
Pichon, Henrietta Williams Dean (575) 646-3453 pichon@nmsu.edu
Adams, Eve Professor 575/646-1142 eadams@nmsu.edu
Arroyos, Elsa Associate Professor & Interim Department Head 575/646-6589 earroyos@nmsu.edu
Backlund, Michelle Assistant Professor 575/646-1925 micback@nmsu.edu
Choi, Na-Yeun Assistant Professor 575/646-6497 choina@nmsu.edu
De Necochea, Gladys Associate Professor 575/646-1314 gdenecoc@nmsu.edu
Gormley, Barbara Professor 575/646-4568 bgormley@nmsu.edu
Kalkbrenner, Michael Assistant Professor 575/646-1657 mkalk001@nmsu.edu
Hitter, Tracie Associate Professor 575/646-3755 tlhitter@nmsu.edu
Lopez, Anna Associate Professor 575/646-5753 annalo@nmsu.edu
McDougall, Casey College Professor 575/646-5739 clm-rxp@nmsu.edu
Peterson, Lisa Assistant Professor 575/646-2868 lisapete@nmsu.edu
Perez-Rojas, Andres Assistant Professor 575/646-6496 andrespr@nmsu.edu
Vázquez, Luis Professor 575/646-5459 lvazquez@nmsu.edu
Sidwell, MacKenzie Assistant Professor   msidwell@nmsu.edu
Dr. Enedina Garcia Vázquez Professor Emeritus 575/646-2121 evazquez@nmsu.edu
Dr. Gladys De Necochea Associate Professor (575) 646-1314 gdenecoc@nmsu.edu