Dr. Bo Hyun Lee

Bo Hyun Lee, Ph.D. is an assistant professor of counseling psychology at the New Mexico State University. She received her M.A. and doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the Korea University and the University of Missouri-Columbia, respectively. Her research interest lies at the nexus of vocational psychology, social justice training and advocacy, and inequity in the world of work. Specifically, Dr. Lee takes an intersectional approach to understanding the influence of marginalization on academic achievement and career development among members from oppressed groups. She has received several honors for her work, including Donald E. Super Fellowship and Joseph A. Johnson Research Award.  She has also served diverse roles for leadership, committee, and volunteering, including IMOC convention planning subcommittee in Division 17, American Psychological Association.


Selected publications


Flores, L. Y., Navarro, R. L, Lee, B. H., Hu, X., Diaz, D., & Martinez, L. (2021).  Social Cognitive Predictors

of Latinx and White Engineering Students’ Academic Satisfaction and Persistence Intentions: Exploring Intersections among Social Identities and Institutional Context. Journal of Vocational Behavior.


Lee, B. H., Zhu, J., Diaz, D., Fischer, J., Flores, L. Y., Lin, C., Beilgard, J. N., May, S. F., Munoz, M. E., Shahin,

M., & Atilano, R. (2017). Racial/Ethnic minority vocational research: An 11-year update. Career Development Quarterly, 65(4), 288-301.