Dr. Heejung Chun

chun_03_120810Associate Professor

Counseling & Educational Psychology



Dr. Chun Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests:

Dr. Heejung Chun’s research interests include adolescent problem behaviors; risk and protective factors; resilience; academic achievement gap, particularly addressing school and cultural factors such as school belonging and culturally responsive teaching; immigrant paradox; and acculturation.

Recent Publications:

Chun, H., Marin, M., & Schwartz, J., Pham, A., & Castro-Olivo, S. (in print). Psychosociocultural Structural Models of College Success among Latino Students in Hispanic-Serving Institutions. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education.

Dickson, G., Chun, H., & Fernandez, I. (in print). The development and validation of the Student Measure of Culturally Responsive Teaching. Assessment for Effective Intervention.

Goforth, A.N., Pham, A.V., Chun, H., Castro-Olivo, S.M., & Yosai, E.R. (accepted). Association of Acculturative Stress, Islamic Practices and Internalizing Symptoms among Arab American Adolescents. School Psychology Quarterly.

Chun, H. & Mobley, M. (2014). The “Immigrant Paradox” Phenomenon: Assessing Problem Behaviors and Risk Factors among Immigrant and Nativity Adolescents. Journal of Primary Prevention, 35(5), 339-356.

Mobley, M., & Chun, H. (2013). Testing Jessor’s Problem Behavior Theory & Syndrome: A Nationally Representative Comparative Sample of Hispanic and African American Adolescents. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 19(2), 190-199.

Chun, H. & Devall, E., Sandau-Beckler, P. (2013). Psychoecological Model of Alcohol Use in Mexican American Adolescents. Journal of Primary Prevention, 34, 119-134.

Chun, H. & Dickson, G. (2011). A psychoecological model of academic performance among Hispanic adolescents. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 40, 1581–1594.

Dickson, G. L., Zamora*, R. C., Gonzalez*, R. P., Chun, H. , & Callaghan Leon, J. C. (2011). Facilitating the academic success of Latino students: Practical applications for school counselors. Vistas.

Chun, H., & Mobley, M. (2010). Gender and grade level comparisons in the structure of problem behaviors among adolescents. Journal of Adolescence, 33, 197-207.

Book Chapter:

Dickson, G., Chun, H., La*, S., Tardif*, A., Valdovinos*, K., & Zaitlin*, C. (in press). Treating common adolescent mental and behavioral health concerns. In J. Schwartz. (Ph.D.). Counseling across the Lifespan: Prevention and Treatment (2nd edition). Sage.

Fernandez, I., Schwartz, J. P., Chun, H., & Dickson, G. (2013). Family Resilience and Parenting. In D. Becvar. (Ph.D.) Handbook of Family Resilience. Springer.

Recognition and Leadership:

Dr. Chun was awarded the 2009 Rising Star Research Grant and the 2011 Rising Star Research Grant, New Mexico State University. Dr. Chun was selected as a mentor for the NIH Biomedical and Biobehavioral Research Program, New Mexico State University. Dr. Chun served as an ad-hoc reviewer for the Journal of Adolescence.

Academic Background:

M.A. in Counseling Psychology, Seoul Women’s University, 1996.

Ph.D. in School Psychology, University of Missouri-Columbia, 2007.