Dr. MacKenzie Sidwell

MacKenzie Sidwell, Ph.D. is an assistant professor of counseling psychology at New Mexico State University. She received her Doctorate of Philosophy and Master of Science at Mississippi State University, Starkville, MS. Her research interest are school-based behavioral assessment, behavioral consultation and classroom management procedures, application of applied behavior analysis in educational settings, supporting families of children with disabilities through consultation and training, social skills training and measurement in children with ASD.

Selected publications:

Peterson, L., Bosik, W., & Sidwell, M.D. (2020). Early Career Corner: Transitioning during the COVID pandemic: Experiences of new faculty members and practitioners. The School Psychologist, 74, 27-30


Sidwell, M. D., Gadke, D. L., Farmer, R. L., Ripple, H. E., & Tritley, J. P. (under review). Evaluating the potential for correspondence between brief functional analysis and interview informed synthesized contingency analysis procedures.


Sidwell, M. D., & Hendrix E.* (2020, February). A preliminary analysis of school psychology internship evaluation ratings related to family involvement and cultural responsiveness. Trainers of School Psychology Annual Conference, Baltimore, MD.


Estrada, S.*, Peterson, E.*, Sullivan, M.*, & Sidwell, M. D. (2020, December). Investigating school psychologists’ practice in conducting psychoeducational evaluations in Illinois. Illinois School Psychologists Association Annual Conference, Springfield Illinois.