CEP Graduate Dr. Jessica Jackson receives Early Career Grants to Support Community-based Workshops

The Committee on Early Career Psychologists (CECP) congratulates seven awardees on four winning proposals for the 2019 grant program to support community-based workshops or trainings in all areas of psychology. CECP devised this grant to fund APA member ECPs to enhance their training, facilitation, and leadership skills in local communities, and to deliver psychological expertise in said communities, borrowing from the principles of being a APA Citizen Psychologist.

Congratulations to:


Dr. Prerna Arora¬†of New York City, NY, for the proposal “Mental Health First Aid Workshops for Immigrant Serving Community Organizations”. Dr. Arora earned her PhD in School Psychology in 2012 and is currently an assistant professor. Dr. Arora will train as a Youth Mental Health First Aid program trainer, and consequently work with the community centers¬†India Home¬†and¬†New York Immigration Coalition¬†to deliver a mental health literacy 8-hour training workshop to parents and other caregivers of immigrant-origin youth that would not normally have access to mental health literacy resources by themselves. Delivery of the workshop will be in the language of preference of attendees by members of Dr. Arora’s research team and site volunteers.


Dr. Ashley B. Batastini¬†of Hattiesburg, MS,¬†Dr. Melanie Leuty¬†of Hattiesburg, MS,¬†Dr. Sean M. Mitchell¬†of Lubock, TX,¬†Dr. Stephanie D. Smith¬†of Hattiesburg, MS for the joint proposal “Improving Community Supervision Outcomes with Psychologically-Informed Best Practices”. Dr. Batastini earned her PhD in Counseling Psychology in 2015 and is a scientist-educator adjunct faculty. Dr. Leuty earned her PhD in Counseling Psychology in 2010 and is director of training and an associate professor.¬† Dr. Mitchel earned his PhD in Clinical Psychology in 2018 and is an assistant professor.¬† Dr. Smith earned her PhD in Clinical Psychology in 2012 and is a professor of Psychology.¬† The full day interactive community workshop seeks to provide training on psychology models of service for treating supervised citizens that builds on evidence-based practices for psychiatric recovery and criminal recidivism reduction. The workshop is aimed to frontline staff and administrators in the Community Supervision Division of the Mississippi Department of Corrections in addition to in addition to judges, attorneys, university faculty and graduate students.


Dr. Akilah Reynolds¬†of Los Angeles, CA, and¬†Dr. Martinique Jones¬†of Ann Arbor, MI, for the joint proposal ‚ÄúMasks Off: Reclaiming the Strong Black Woman.‚ÄĚ Dr. Reynolds earned her PhD in Counseling Psychology in 2016 and provides psychological services in an academic medical center. Dr. Jones earned her PhD in Counseling Psychology in 2016 and is a research postdoctoral fellow. The one-day workshop seeks to impart psychological knowledge about the implications of the Strong Black Woman schema on wellness and support 30 black women in a group format in identifying strategies and resources for holistic wellness. The workshop will focus on the concepts of strength, wellness of the mind, body and spirit, self-care as a lifestyle, and wellness community networking.


Dr. Farzana Saleem¬†of Los Angeles, CA and¬†Dr. Jessica Jackson*¬†of Los Angeles, CA for the joint proposal “Racial Stress and Trauma (RST) Workshop”. Dr. Saleem earned her PhD in Clinical-Community Psychology in 2018 and is a postdoctoral fellow. Dr. Jackson earned her PhD in Counseling Psychology in 2018 and is adjunct faculty. The workshop aims to provide 3-tiered psychoeducation to youth, caregivers, and community organization staff on RST, coaching to enhance language related to emotions and emotional validation, and coping skills to manage RST, which will include how to utilize healthy racial socialization strategies. Discussions will promote effective strategies for engaging in dialogues about, and practicing coping strategies for, racial encounters.


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