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Dr. Alex Gantt-Howrey

Dr. Alex Gantt-Howrey
Assistant Professor

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(575) 646-1142

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Assistant Professor

Counseling & Educational Psychology

 (575) 646-1142

Selected Publications:


  Research Interests:

Dr. Gantt-Howrey research interests include (1) the assessment and development of counselor cognitive complexity and (2) addressing social determinants of health (SDOH).

  Recent Publications:

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Johnson, K. F., Robins, L. B., Duyile, B., Gantt-Howrey, A., Dockery, N., Robins, S. D., & Wheeler, N. (accepted with no revisions). Family counselors addressing social determinants of mental health in underserved communities. The Family Journal. (conceptual; high quality journal ranking per the CEP department


Gantt-Howrey, A., Becnel, A., Shi, Y., & Lau, J. (accepted with minor revisions). Use of the MSJCC: A content analysis of ACA journals. Counselor Education and Supervision. (empirical; high quality journal ranking per the CEP department


Moe, J., Sparkman-Key, N., Gantt, A. C., & Augustine, B. (In Press). Hope and multiple minority stress as predictors of suicidal behavior. Journal of LGBTQ Issues in Counseling. (empirical; high quality journal ranking per the CEP department


Waters, J. M., Gantt, A. C., Worth, A., Duyile, B.,&  Johnson, K. (2022). Motivated but challenged: Counselor educators’ experiences teaching about social determinants of health. Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision, 15(2). (empirical) 


Pope, A. L., Sunal, Z., Gantt, A. C., Zimmerman, B., Corey, A. K., Nuosce, M., & Araujo, L. (2021). A qualitative examination of bi/multilingual counselor training and experiences. Journal of Counseling & Development, 100, 27-38. (empirical)


Sparkman-Key, N., Dice, T., & Gantt, A. C. (2021). Institutional responses to the Covid-19 pandemic: Faculty and administrator experiences. Current Issues in Education, 22(3). (empirical) 


Gantt, A. C., Johnson, K. F., Preston, J. W., Suggs, B. G., & Cannedy, M. (2021). School counseling interns’ lived experiences addressing social determinants of health. Teaching and Supervision in Counseling, 3(3), 1-13. (empirical)  


Suggs, B. G., Mahan, L. B., Cannedy, M., Gantt, A. C., Brookover, D. L., & Johnson, K. F. (2021). Helper, healer, and mitigator: The essential role of the human services provider in current and post-pandemic climates. Journal of Human Services, 40(2), 69-82.  (conceptual) 


Kuhnley, A. K., Nguyen, T. H., Gantt, A. C., & Hinkley, P. (2021). Creatively increasing empathy: The impacts of an online empathy workshop. Journal of Creativity in Mental Health, 1-13. Advance online publication. (empirical) 


Mahan, L. B., Johnson, K. F., Gantt, A. C., Brookover, D. L., Suggs, B. G., & Jones, J. L. (2021). The role of human services providers in addressing social determinants of health. Journal of Human Services, 40(1), 63-82. (conceptual) 


Gantt, A. C., Marsh, D. R., & Lee, D. I. (2021). Through the lens of narcissism: Differential effects of admiration and rivalry. Journal of Mental Health Counseling, 43(2), 172-188. (empirical)


Knight, A. M., Sibcy, G. A., Gantt, A. C., Carapezza, K. M., Macon, K. P. (2018). The impact of brief God attachment workshop attendance on God attachment. The Virginia Counselors Journal, 36, 48-55.  (empirical) 


Book Chapter

Knight, A. M., Sibcy, G. A., & Gantt, A. C. (2019). Intentional and advanced empathy. In A. Knight, G. Sibcy, S. Warren, & R. Hawkins (Eds.), Research-based counseling skills: The art and science of therapeutic empathy (pp. 57-73). Kendall Hunt. 


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles Under Review

Johnson, K., Brookover, D., Gantt-Howrey, A., Clemons, K., & Robins, L. (invited revisions; invited manuscript for special anti-racism issue). Anti-racism applied: Structuring internship through the lens of the Ecological Social Justice School Counseling Theory. Counselor Education and Supervision. (empirical) 


Gantt-Howrey, A., & Kemer, G. (under review). Counselor Educators’ Views on Cognitively Complex Trainees: A Q Method Study. (empirical) 


Johnson, K. F., Gantt-Howrey, A., Duyile, B., Robins, L., & Dockery, N. (under review). Employment counselors addressing social determinants of mental health in rural communities. (conceptual) 


Johnson, K. F., Clemons, K. L, Robins, L. B., Gantt-Howrey, A., & Jones, H. (under review). The experiences of school counseling trainees in a hospital based integrated behavioral health care practicum. (empirical) 


​​Das, B., Farrell, I. C., Vashisht, K., Gantt-Howrey, A., Simpson, E., & Johnson, A. (under review). How do we teach Social Justice? A cross-disciplinary synthesis of social justice andragogy. (conceptual)


Swanson, E. E., Gantt-Howrey, A., & Pope, A. (under review). “#I’m So OCD:'' A content analysis of TikToks on OCD (empirical) 


Newsletter Articles

Brookover, D. L., Gantt, A. C., Mahan, L. B., & Suggs, B. G. (2021, May). The faces of change: An equity research collaborative for sociocultural advocacy. Counselors for Social Justice Newsletter. 


Gantt, A. C., Augustine, B., & Pearce, J. (2020, May). Broaching spirituality with survivors of intimate partner violence. Association for Spiritual, Ethical, and Religious Values in Counseling Newsletter [blind, peer-reviewed graduate student edition], 2&3(30), 7-8. 


Gantt, A. C. (2019, November). Intentional counselors: Pursuing empathy and awareness in a divided world. Association for Child and Adolescent Counseling Newsletter, 6(2), 5-6. 


Research Efforts in Progress

Johnson, K. F., Gantt-Howrey, A., & Dockery, N. (in progress). Addressing SDOMH to improve college access. (empirical) 


Gantt-Howrey, A., & Kemer, G. (in progress). Development and Validation of the Counselor in Training Cognitive Complexity Assessment (CITCCA). (empirical)


Gantt-Howrey, A., Swanson, E. E., & Kemer, G. (in progress). Do my friends affect me? An exploration of counselor in training cognitive complexity. (empirical) 


Kemer, G., Giresunlu, Y., Gantt-Howrey, A., & Preston, J. (in progress). What do clinical supervisors need? (empirical)


Dr. Alex Gantt-Howrey earned a PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision from Old Dominion University and holds a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling. She is a National Certified Counselor whose clinical experience includes work in hospital and outpatient settings. Dr. Gantt-Howrey’s primary aim is to prepare counselors to address SDOH and engage in interprofessional collaboration to meet clients’ needs. In addition to conducting research, Dr. Gantt-Howrey teaches practicum and other courses from a developmental constructivist lens, highlighting the voices and needs of students.



Academic Background:

B.S. in Psychology: Clinical, Counseling, or Research, 2016

M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, 2019

Ph.D. Counselor Education and Supervision, Old Dominion, 2022