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Social Justice Advocacy

The mission of the CEP Department is to promote social justice through the cultivation and preparation of professionals in clinical mental health counseling, clinical psychopharmacology, counseling psychology, school psychology, and paraprofessionals in counseling and community psychology. We are committed to promoting a just, equitable, and inclusive society, free of all structures of oppression that deprive marginalized individuals of well-being and their humanity. We create collaborative relationships with educational, health/mental health, and community settings to address health and educational disparities, conduct relevant high- quality research, and nurture active learners and critical thinkers. 


"Can I take a graduate class if I haven’t been admitted?"
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Interim Department Head


Dr. Elsa Arroyos

Thank you for visiting the Department of Counseling & Educational Psychology’s home page. The information found on our website will provide you an overview of the programs offered and who are faculty and students are. Regarding program offerings, we offer a unique undergraduate major in Counseling and Community Psychology (CCP) that can be taken on main campus or through NMSU-Online. This degree culminates with a capstone internship experience in the senior year. Our variety of undergraduate courses lends themselves towards a minor in Counseling and Educational Psychology. Additionally, we offer several accredited graduate programs as well that offer exceptional post-graduate training leading to careers as mental health providers across diverse settings and populations. These programs are: Masters’ in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (application date, Feb. 1st, Program Director – Dr. Michael Kalkbrenner), Specialist in Education (Ed.S.) in School Psychology (application date, January 15th, Program Director – Dr. MacKenzie Sidwell), PhD’s in Counseling (application date, December 15th, , Program Director – Dr. Andres Perez-Rojas), or School Psychology (application date, January 15th, , Program Director – Dr. Lisa Peterson), and a post-doctoral Master’s degree in Psychopharmacology (see program website for application date, , Program Director – Dr. Casey McDougall). Be sure to visit the programmatic webpages to learn more about the coursework, field experiences, and capstone experiences required for each of our graduate programs. While you are perusing the program pages be sure to also check out the faculty’s biographies and research work and interests! Our CEP faculty conduct multicultural research in addition to training students to work with clients who may be different from themselves in terms of their races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, religions, and other intersectional identities. Join us to engage in active learning, emotional growth, critical thinking, and respectful dialogues across diverse perspectives.

Land Acknowledgment Statement

New Mexico State University honors Native American knowledges and worldviews based on intimate relationships to the natural world. The genesis of the Southwest Indigenous Peoples, including the Pueblo, Navajo, and Apache, established their guardianship of the lands now occupied by New Mexico State University. As the state’s Land-Grant University, we acknowledge and respect the sovereign Indian Nations and Indigenous Peoples. We pledge to have a meaningful and respectful relationship with the sovereign Indian Nations, Indigenous communities, and Native American Peoples within the institution. 

CEP anti-racist commitment