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Current Faculty Research

Behavioral Health Training

Graduate Psychology Education Program: Integrated Behavioral Health and OUD/SUD Training on the U.S. – Mexico Border

 Interprofessional Immersion Faculty celebrating another successful immersion from L-R, Linda Summers (Nursing), Jessica Lopez Harder (Counseling Psychology), Traci White (Pharmacy), Sarah Summers-Barrio (Nursing), Mendy Fowler (Social Work), Davena Norris (Pharmacy), Stephanie Lynch (Nursing), Michelle Rincon (Public Health), Shanna Salazar (Social Work), Erika Gergerich (Social Work), Jeanette Lara (Family Medicine), Eve Adams (Counseling Psychology), John Andazola (Family Medicine), Patrick Leung (Pharmacy), Daubney Harper Boland -Immersion Coordinator (Counseling Psychology)

The overall goal of the project is to increase the number of doctoral trainees in counseling psychology (CP) who have been trained in interprofessional education with MA students in mental health counseling (MHC), nursing (DNP), social work (MSW), pharmacy (PharmD) and family medicine (FM) trainees, in order to provide culturally and linguistically competent, integrated, trauma-informed, interdisciplinary team-based care in the delivery of behavioral health and OUD/SUD prevention and treatment services in a medically underserved community. Each year there will be 6 doctoral psychology trainees. Read more about the program:


Student Testimonials

Prior to starting the integrated behavioral healthcare curriculum as part of the Counseling Psychology PhD program at New Mexico State University, I had a very limited understanding of the role of a psychologist in an integrated setting.  However, through the diverse learning experiences offered throughout the program such as the interprofessional immersion, coursework, and integrated practica, I realized my desire to pursue a career in health psychology.This experience changed my career trajectory as I am currently completing my pre-doctoral internship at a VA Medical Center and plan on applying to post-docs in Health and Geropsychology.  Without these training experiences as well as the funding offered through the GPE & HRSA grants, I would not be in the career path I am today and for that I will be forever thankful.- Rebecca Pruitt, Doctoral Candidate, MS Counseling Psychology

The opportunity to engage in the integrated behavioral healthcare curriculum through CEP is a guiding force in my early career development as it proves integral in every setting I work in. The training coalesced efficient conceptualization and communication skills, and perhaps most importantly, professional confidence. Classroom learning concurrent to practicum experiences brought the intersecting realities of medical culture, social justice, and mental health into perspective and provided a path to proactively influence clinic culture as well as patient health. Due to an intentionally developed skill set, integrated healthcare provides fun, collaborative work days that always teaches me new medical information and gives opportunities to demystify psychology to colleagues and patients. – Annette Tardif, Ph.D., M.A. Licensed Counseling Psychologist