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College of HEST Policy for Faculty Absence from Class

When College of HEST faculty are unable to attend their class because of illness or travel to a conference, they must find a guest speaker to cover class for them or provide an additional out-of-class assignment to make up for the educational time missed. In these circumstances, faculty should alert their students as well as the department head, so that any questions arising can be answered and students properly directed. When travel is involved, filling out the Request for Leave of Absence form to receive department head approval in advance affords faculty coverage for liability purposes through the university.

Clinical Reasoning Modules

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Leave Form

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All CEP instructors who must miss class should alert the department office of whether they have secured a guest speaker to take over and who that is, or whether the class is canceled and an addition out-of-class assignment has been given to students to make up for educational time missed. In addition, instructors need to alert their students as to what is happening, preferably well in advance (such as by listing the day you will be out of town at a conference on your syllabus, which class will be canceled, and what the make up assignment will be). The way to alert the department is through the form available at this link, at least a week in advance. Please describe your strategy and name your designee, including contact information for any guest speakers who are not CEP instructors.


All syllabi must have the CEP department student complaint policy on them when they are distributed to students in your classes or posted on Canvas. Please use this exact wording, which was approved by CEP department faculty:

a. Student complaints. If students have a complaint about a course, they are advised to discuss their concerns directly with the instructor whenever possible. If that does not resolve the problem or if they cannot approach the instructor, students should either access NMSU’s online complaint system at or seek out the department head ( for help resolving the problem. Both of these processes provide opportunities for the department head to know about issues that need attention and for instructors to receive information about student concerns so that they can respond.

Teaching Online

To teach online, successful completion of the “Strategies for Teaching Online” course at the Teaching Academy taught by Beth Apodaca ( is required. It is offered three times per year, and there may be a special section for CEP during late summer semester that is available for incoming doctoral students and others. Certificates of completion must be sent to Dr. Gormley (