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Dr. Jiayi Wang

Dr. Jiayi Wang
Assistant Professor

Contact Info
(575) 646-7556



Assistant Professor

Counseling & Educational Psychology

 (575) 646-7556 


  Research Interests:

Dr. Wang’s primary research area relates to the evaluation of intervention programs (e.g., social-emotional and academic intervention) through experimental designs. She also examines implementation strategies to improve intervention/treatment fidelity. Additionally, Dr. Wang is interested in research that centers on under-represented populations, such as international students in graduate programs in the U.S. and Asian-American teachers in public schools following the pandemic.


  Recent Publications:

Wang, J., Begeny , J. C., Newson, N., Smith, J. (2022). Adapting implementation support from in-person to virtual: An experimental evaluation of the efficacy and satisfaction of a virtual coaching program used during the COVID-19 pandemic. Manuscript under review.

Begeny, J. C., Wang, J., Levy, R. A., Sanetti, L. M., Loehman, J., & Rodriguez, K. (2022). Considering the implementation research-to-practice gap: An experimental evaluation of intervention-general methods for assessing and supporting implementation fidelity. Manuscript under review.

 Ding, Y., Ridgard, T., Cho, S.-J., & Wang, J., (2021). Recruitment and retention of bilingual graduate students in school psychology: Efforts and challenges in increasing professional diversity. School Psychology International. Advance online publication.

Begeny, J.C., Codding, R.S., Wang, J., Hida, R.M., Patterson, S.L., Kessler, S., Ramos, K.A., Fields-Turner, F.L. (2020). An analysis of motivation strategies implemented as part of the Accelerating Mathematics Performance through Practice Strategies (AMPPS) intervention program. Psychology in the Schools, 57(4), 540-555.

Wang, J., Begeny, J.C., Hida, R.M., Oluokun, H.H. (2019). Editorial boards of 45 journals devoted to school and educational psychology: International characteristics and publication patterns. School Psychology International, 41(2), 110-136.

Begeny, J.C., Wang, J., Hida, R.M., Oluokun, H.H., & Jones, R.A. (2019). A global examination of peer-reviewed, scholarly journal outlets devoted to school and educational psychology. School Psychology International, 40(6), 547-580.

Ding, Y., Cho, Su-Je., Wang, J., & Yu, Q. (2019). Training of bilingual school psychologists in the United States: A culturally and linguistically responsive approach. School Psychology International, 40(3) 235-250.

Kim, E. K., Begeny, J.C., Hida, R.M., Wang, J., Jones, R.A., & Oluokun, H.H. (2018). Publication characteristics and outlets of school and educational psychology scholars around the globe. Psychology in the Schools, 55(8), 955-968.



Cognitive Appraisal, School Practicum Supervision, Consultation


Academic Background:


Ph.D. in School Psychology, North Carolina State University

M.S. in School Psychology, North Carolina State University