Prospective Students & Admissions

Prerequisites & How to Apply 

Open application runs Feb 1st through June 30th, 2023 for the next 2023-2025 training iteration. 

Program Prerequisites

  • A doctoral degree in clinical, counseling, or school psychology
  • A current active, unrestricted state license as a psychologist
  • Verification of good standing from that state's Board of Psychology, including licensed professional practice with no ethical violations
  • Potential students must practice throughout the Program, as a "Health Services Provider (Psychologist);" as defined by the state law, where applicable, or as defined by the APA.
  • For international students, NMSU adheres to the standards of practice and licensure of the host country
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  • This link is only to be reviewed by Prospective Students with MSCP degrees from, APA Designated, Programs other than NMSU (click here):  Prospective Students with outside MSCP degrees pdf
  • Alternative instructions To Take a (non-degree) Graduate Course Without Being Admitted to the Major or Program
    • Interested Parties MUST also contact Dr. Elsa Arroyos, CEP Interim Dept. Head,  
Pre-Screening Review Materials
  • Preliminary Questionnaire Form 
  • Copy of Unrestricted License to Practice Psychology
  • Copy of Unofficial Graduate Transcripts (Official Transcripts will later be required by the NMSU Graduate School)
  • Updated Résumé or Curriculum Vita
  • A (brief) Letter of Intent for why you are wanting to pursue a M.S. in Clinical Psychopharmacology degree. In your letter of intent you MUST also mention your active philosophy and contributions to equity, diversity, and inclusivity. 

  Instructions for Submitting Pre-Screening Review Materials

Click here for the printable instructions:              Pre-Screening Review Materials Submission Instructions  

1.Please download and complete the Preliminary Questionnaire Form

Click here to download the fillable PDF form:     Preliminary Questionnaire Form  

2. Complete and prepare the following documents:

  • Completed Preliminary Questionnaire Form
  • Updated Résumé or Curriculum Vitae
  • Copy of Unofficial Graduate Transcripts (with date doctorate conferred)
  • Copy of Unrestricted License to Practice Psychology
  • A (brief) Letter of Intent for wanting to pursue a M.S. in Clinical Psychopharmacology degree

  3. Scan/Send all pre-screening materials, as 1 PDF Document to:

4. You should receive an email that your materials have been received.  Followed later by an email indicating if anything is missing OR if your completed materials advance you to apply to the Graduate School.  The Training Director will then request to schedule an informal meeting via Zoom.  This will provide parties with a casual introduction and orientation to all of the degree requirements of the Program.  Afterword, you will be instructed the following:

  • The Fall 2023 application labeled 2023-2024 Admission Application
  • Click here to apply to the NMSU Graduate School
  • Select Start New Application
    • If the starting year is not listed please select the Home page, then select start new application to to select the correct corresponding academic year
  • When prompted select Fall 2023 as your starting semester, NMSU-GLOBAL (Online) campus as your Campus, Masters as your intended degree, and “Clinical Psychopharmacology” as your intended major.  You must also select your in or out of state residency status.
  • Letters of Recommendations and GRE scores should NOT be required. 

  • Please mail or electronically transfer official transcripts, from institute to institute, to the NMSU Graduate School.  Their address and other contact information found at: