Entry Level Requirements. The NMSU Graduate School sets as a basic entry-level requirement for the Specialist in Education (Ed.S.) the holding of a master’s degree or its equivalent except for the school psychology program. Students who do not hold a master‘s degree may apply in their senior undergraduate year. Students who already possess the master’s degree should hold it in a closely related field, such as special education, educational diagnostics, school counseling, general counseling, or psychology.

School Psychology Requirements

  1. We do not require GRE scores as part of the admissions process. Please note, though, that some awards, scholarships, and/or fellowships outside of NMSU for which you may wish to apply in the future may require GRE scores. We, however, do not require the GRE.
  2. An official transcript from every college or university attended.
  3. A personal statement addressing the following:
    1. Experience with Diverse Populations
    2. Statement of multicultural/diversity philosophy
    3. Professional experience in Teaching, Counseling, and/or assesment/diagnostics (if applicable).
    4. Experience working with children
    5. Community service/volunteer experience
    6. Research Experience (if applicable).
  4. Specialty letter or interest to include the following
    1. Describe the role of a School Psychologist.
    2. Describe why you have choosen School Psychology as a profession?
    3. Describe your 5-year professional goal related to School Psychology?
  5. At least three current (i.e., less than 1 year old) letters of support from different individuals.  Information and/or criteria can be found on the Application Checklist attached to the application form.
  6. A resume or curriculum vitae (CV) outlining your educational, professional, and other experiences, interests, etc. Your resume/CV must include current contact information.
  7. Additional optional materials include published research papers, special projects, licensure/certifications, grants, etc.
Questions regarding the online application process can be directed to: Dr. Jiayi Wang, Training Director Email: jwang22@nmsu.edu School Psychology Program New Mexico State University Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001 For more information see the following: