Minor in Counseling and Educational Psychology

Students receiving a Bachelors degree from another department in the University may be able to complete a minor in Counseling and Educational Psychology.  The minor in Counseling and Educational Psychology is intended for undergraduates who are preparing to enter one of the helping professions such as psychology, education, social work, criminal justice, nursing, and family and consumer sciences. It provides a strong foundation for those students who want to enhance their human relations skills in order to be more successful in their work and relationships.


The CEP Minor may be earned by successfully completing 18 or more credit hours of CEP work (with a grade of C or higher in each course). At least 9 of those credit hours must be numbered 3000 or higher, no more than 4 credit hours may be taken as special topics or individual study. Because the department offers a limited number of undergraduate courses, students wanting to complete the minor need to make every effort to take the required course when possible. The department is not able to guarantee that all courses which can be applied to the minor will be offered every year.

How to apply

Students wanting to complete the minor should download the CEP Minor Application and return it to the CEP Department during the semester in which you will be completing your CEP coursework. Students working toward Teacher Certification should note that the CEP Minor (just as minors in Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, or Government) cannot be used as an endorsement for Teacher Certification. See the application for more details about the minor. Contact the CEP office at 575-646-2121 for advisement regarding the minor.