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Dr. Anna Lopez

Dr. Anna Lopez
Associate Professor, M.A. CMHC Clinical Director

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(575) 646-5753

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Teaching:  Qualitative Research Methods, Counseling Practicum, Counseling Internship

Research: Primary area of research revolves around Social Justice and Advocacy issues specifically related to understanding the experiences of undocumented immigrants and their families in respect to deportation and undocumented status.  Other research interests include Multicultural/ Bilingual counseling and supervision, body image, and eating disorders.

Recent Publications:


Lopez, A., Torres-Fernandez, I, Rodriguez-Herrera, J., Cisneros, J., & Vazquez-Castro, J. (2020).Explorando el Impacto Psicológico del Proceso de Deportación en Inmigrantes Mexicanos. Interamerican Journal of Psychology.

Kalkbrenner, M., Lopez, A., & Gibbs, J. (2020). Establishing the validity of The REDFLAGS Model: Implications for college counselors. Journal of College Counseling.

Lopez, A., & Torres-Fernandez, I. (2019). Exploring the experiences of supervisors and supervisees who engaged in bilingual supervision. The Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision. 12(1).

Cisneros, J., Lopez, A. (2019). Ally Competency and Self-Efficacy for working with undocumented students:  DREAMzone outcomes at Post-, 2-months, and 8-months. Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice.

Elliott, A., Bohecker, L, Elliott, G., Townsend, B.J., Johnson, V., Lopez, A., Roach, K. & Horn, E.D.(2019). Interstate Licensure Portability: Logistics and Barriers for Professional Counselors. The Professional Counselor.

Cheng, H.L., Lopez, A., Rislin, J.L., Kim, H.Y., Turner, J., Terhorst-Miller, H., Lopez, J., & Cha-C. (2018). Latino/Hispanic Community Adults’ Healthcare Experience in a New Mexico Borderland Region. Journal of Health Disparities Research and Practice. 11(4). Retrieved from

Cisneros, J., & Lopez, A. (2016). DREAMzone: Educating counselors and human service Professionals working with undocumented students.Journal for Social Action in Counseling and Psychology.8(2), 32-48.

Boie, I., Lopez, A., & Sass, D. (In Press). Objectification theory:  An evaluation of a theoretical model across gender and ethnicity. Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling and Development.

Lopez, A. L., & Boie, I. (2012).  Voices:  Experiences working with Mexican immigrants affected by deportation. Journal for Social Action in Counseling and Psychology.

Boie, I., & Lopez, A. (2011). Using the Integrated Developmental Model of Supervision with counselors working with clients with eating disorders. The Clinical Supervisor.

Boie, I., & Lopez, A. (2009). Cross-cultural differences in women’s body image. Arizona Counseling Journal.

Academic background:

Ph.D. The University of Texas at San Antonio