Research Teams in CEP

Supporting Mental Health & Wellness: Designing and Validating Innovative Strategies Research Team, Michael Kalkbrenner, Ph.D.

Factors influencing counselors seeking counseling, connecting college students to counseling, connecting college students to counseling and other wellness-related resources, the impact of resource awareness on counselor seeking behaviors, and identifying barriers and solutions to counselor seeking behaviors.

Multicultural Help Seeking Research Lab, Na-Yeun Choi, Ph.D.

The phenomena of mental health services disparities among cultural minority communities and how cultural factors (e.g., cultural values, social class, racism, classism) beyond personal dynamics (e.g., motivation, readiness) influence mental health and service utilization.

Culture, Psychotherapy, and Mental Health Research Team, Andres Perez-Rojas, Ph.D.

Cultural factors that hinder and/or enrich the psychotherapy and mental health experiences of multilingual and culturally diverse people, such as bilingualism in psychotherapy, mental health risk factors among Latinx students at Hispanic Serving Institutions, etc.

Gender and Sexuality Research Team, Tracie Hitter, Ph.D.

Gender identity, sexual orientation, sexuality, related barriers to physical and mental health, resilience strategies, sexual self-concept, and trauma.

Mindfulness Research Team, Eve Adams, Ph.D., Tracie Hitter, Ph.D.

The relationship of mindfulness to relevant measures of psychological well-being and distress, as well as the effectiveness of mindfulness interventions on various populations

A.A.R.T.T.: Allies and Activists Research and Training Team, Barbara Gormley, Ph.D.

Privilege, oppression, the intersectionality of identity, liberation philosophies, and the importance of taking action for social justice.

Allies & Activists Research & Training Team (AARTT)