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Dr. Elsa Arroyos

Dr. Elsa Arroyos
Associate Professor

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(575) 646-6589

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Associate Professor

Counseling & Educational Psychology

 (575) 646-6589

Selected Publications:

Dr. Arroyos CV

  Research Interests:

Traumatic brain injury in children and adolescents, pediatric neuropsychology, and multicultural school psychology/training.

  Recent Publications:

Arroyos-Jurado, E., Torres-Fernandez, I. & Navarro, R. (2010). Multiculturalism and Diversity in School Psychology. Handbook of Education, Training, and   Supervision of School Psychologists in School and Community. Volume I: Foundations of Professional Practice. Edited by E. G. Vazquez, T. Crespi, and C.   Riccio.

Arroyos-Jurado, E., & Savage, T. A. (2007). Intervention strategies for serving students with traumatic brain injury. Intervention in School and Clinic, 43.

Poel, E. W., Arroyos-Jurado, E., Coppola, B. J. (2007). Women, mentoring, and a border university. Journal of Public Affairs Education, 12, 501-514.

Garcia-Vazquez, E., & Arroyos-Jurado, E. (2006). Trainers focus on the future: 2006 trainers of school psychologists mini-conference. Trainers in School Psychology Forum, 25, 15–18.

Arroyos-Jurado, E., Paulsen, J.S., Ehly, S., & Max, J.E. (2006). Traumatic brain injury in children and adolescents: Academic and intellectual outcomes following injury. Exceptionality, 14, 125-140.

Savage, T. A., Arroyos-Jurado, E. C., & Harley, D. A. (2005). Academic challenges among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students. New Mexico Review, 13, 19-20.

Arroyos-Jurado, E., & Merrell, K.W. (2005). The changing face of school psychology: Responding effectively to cultural and linguistic diversity (chapter 3). In K. M. Merrell, R. Ervin, & G. Gimpel (Eds.), School Psychology in the 21st Century: Foundations and Practices. Guilford Press.

Savage, T. A., Arroyos-Jurado, E., Nero, C. L., & Garcia-Vazquez, E. (2004). Applying a culturally responsive paradigm to the field of school psychology: A framework for practice and training. Trainers in School Psychology Forum, 24, 10–18.

Arroyos-Jurado, E., Paulsen, J.S., Merrell, K.W., Lindgren, S.D., & Max, J.E. (2000). Traumatic brain injury in school-age children: Academic and social outcome. Journal of School Psychology, 38, 571-587.


Dr. Elsa Arroyos is the training director for the School Psychology Program. She previously served as director of Recruitment and Retention. Dr. Arroyos also serves as a program reviewer for the National Association of School Psychologists. She is an Associate Editor of the Trainer’s Forum, the publication of the Trainers of School Psychologists. Further, Dr. Arroyos has served on the executive board of the New Mexico Association of School Psychologists and currently serves as the webmaster.


Dr. Arroyos was awarded the 2011 Faculty Service Excellence Award and the 2007 Faculty Teaching Excellence Award, College of Education, New Mexico State University. She also received the Donald Roush Excellence in Teaching Award from NMSU in 2006. Lastly, Dr. Arroyos was selected as the New Mexico/West Texas Association of Student Assistance Programs 2004 TRiO Achiever.

Academic Background:

B.A. in Psychology, New Mexico State University, 1997

Ed.S. In School Psychology, The University of Iowa, 2002

Ph.D. in School Psychology, The University of Iowa, 2002